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How we save you Money

Are you looking for quality household products at a great price?
Purchasing clear outs, or products with blemished packaging, or refurbished products will give you the savings you have been looking for.

Dollar Clearouts
are end of line stock or overstock from the manufacturer. The product has a full manufacturers warranty. These brand new items are discounted, saving you up to 40% off. We are constantly looking for great money saving clear outs and passing on the savings to you.
DollarDollar Blemished Packages
are brand new items that have damaged packaging. The product itself is undamaged and has a full manufacturers warranty. The manufacture cannot sell these products through regular channels thus providing us the opportunity to save you up to 50% off on the most current and in demand products.
DollarDollarDollar Refurbished Products
are simply, any products sent back to the manufacturer for whatever reason, inspected, tested and repackaged for resale. These products come with a manufacturers warranty. Buying a refurbished item is a great way to get a quality product at a bargain price. Buying refurbished could save you up to 70% off. Our team of qualified professionals ensures that all refurbished items meet your stringent demand for quality.